Finally: Opening Night against the Canucks in Vancouver

At last, after all the planning, drafting, roster cuts and marketing plans, the San Jose Sharks take the ice for their first ever game. Here are some items from that night in Vancouver…

















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2 Responses to Finally: Opening Night against the Canucks in Vancouver

  1. Ken says:

    I have several of these pucks as i was there opening night in Vancouver. I also have game programs everything is mint. just dug everything out today for nostalgic purposes and didn’t realize I had so much stuff> Got tickets for tonite in Vancouver and games 3&4 in San Jose.

    Is there any valuse to my memorabilia? I plan to take it with me to SJ.

    Go Canucks Go. btw – we won that game on October 4, 1991. Vancouver 4 Sharks 3.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the note. Do you have any tickets from opening night 1991? Can you scan and send/post what you do have?



    P.S. Good luck tonight, but not too much luck.

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