A look back at the launch of the San Jose Sharks

While living in the Bay Area in the late 80′s – mid 90′s, I worked for a local newspaper and had a front row seat to the launch of the NHL’s newest franchise.

Along the way, I collected a number of items relating to the organization’s birth; from the grass roots beginnings of NHL San Jose to their new arena’s opening.

Over time, I will release images as means of creating a marketing timeline, more or less in the order they happened.

Stay tuned.


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One Response to A look back at the launch of the San Jose Sharks

  1. Russ,

    I’m a relatively new Sharks (or, even hockey) fan. About 5 years, now. I’ve really enjoyed going through some of the stuff you posted. The photographed documents are great. Keep this up. I’d add to your collection, but I’m afraid that all I have are recent flags, shirts, pucks, and ticket stubs. Still enjoy this site, anyway. :)

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