Opening Night in San Jose

Ah, opening night. So much to enjoy from that night. Almost like a coming out party for San Jose, even though it took place 45 miles to the north in a barn. I remember that crazy laser show beforehand seemed so advanced. And the marching band style trumpeters. But really, these three items say “I was there” (literally and figuratively) more than anything else.













As cool as this button is, and as much as it means to me personally, it features an error of literally historic proportions. These were handed out at the Sharks SECOND NHL game. If the team is going to create a lifetime keepsake marking their first home game, shouldn’t it be correct?  Now this has been cause for some debate. I cannot imagine why the Sharks didn’t immediately recognize the mistake, ditch the 10,000 buttons they had made, and re-do them? They had tons of notice (see brochure from months prior) and the schedule was released months earlier. Plus buttons just don’t cost that much.


Not their 1st NHL Game, but a great collectible.









The Program









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