A look back at the launch of the San Jose Sharks…

After years of holding onto a cache of unusual San Jose Sharks memorabilia, I decided to finally organize it into a blog. While the site will also run news items from the Sharks, its primary purpose it to share with Sharks fans – and to a degree, sports marketing aficionados, a treasure trove of unique items from the launch of the San Jose’s first major sports franchise. Here’s a sneak preview…






















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2 Responses to A look back at the launch of the San Jose Sharks…

  1. Liz King says:

    I was there, too. An LA King fan, moved against my will to the Silicon Valley. My husband, a die hard hockey fan, from LA ,( who would have figured,) signed up for season tix. We have not thought our choice wrong at any time. Ex King fans, now Sharks fans for 20 yrs.. Season Ticket holders since the Cow Palace. GO SHARKS! Make us proud. We love you!! The Kings of Morgan Hill !!!

  2. Ken says:

    I have several of the pucks issued in Vancouver as i was there opening night in Vancouver. I also have game programs everything is mint. just dug everything out today for nostalgic purposes and didn’t realize I had so much stuff> Got tickets for tonite in Vancouver and games 3&4 in San Jose.

    Is there any value to my memorabilia? I plan to take it with me to SJ. (might give it to worthy Shark fans)

    Go Canucks Go. btw – we won that game on October 4, 1991. Vancouver 4 Sharks 3.

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